As residents of the Medford Housing Authority a lot of important information can be found in your Lease and Tenant Handbook.  By way of the website, we intend to supply you with additional information, commonly used forms and important updates.   

The tenant’s responsibilities are articulated in the public housing lease. The tenant has the following broad responsibilities:
  • Comply with the terms of the lease and PHA house rules, as applicable
  • Provide the PHA with complete and accurate information, determined by the PHA to be necessary for administration of the program
  • Cooperate in attending all appointments scheduled by the PHA
  • Allow the PHA to inspect the unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice
  • Take responsibility for care of the housing unit, including any violations of uniform physical condition standards caused by the family
  • Not engage in drug-related or violent criminal activity
  • Notify the PHA before moving or termination of the lease
  • Use the assisted unit only for residence and as the sole residence of the family. Not sublet the unit or assign the lease
  • Promptly notify the PHA of any changes in family composition
  • Not commit fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with any housing programs
  • Take care of the housing unit and report maintenance problems to the PHA promptly

How do I pay my Rent?
Your rent is due on the first day, but no later than the fifth day of each month in all developments. We encourage you to pay your rent by automatic debit or alternative by direct mail to the bank via rent coupons.  If you choose automatic debit, you may begin this process at lease signing or anytime throughout your tenancy.

To enroll to have your rent automatically debited from your bank account, please complete the ACH form and supply a copy of a voided check.

When your new tenancy has been processed, you will receive a supply of rent payment slips (coupons).  Please retain these slips in a safe place as it is required that one be sent with each monthly rent payment.

Lease agreement:
Residents will review and sign a lease agreement upon accepting a unit offer.  For a general copy of the lease please select Federal Lease or State Lease.

Air Conditioner: 
Air Conditioner charges are paid by residents at developments where electricity is included in the rent:  Residents of LaPrise Village, Willis Avenue, Weldon Gardens and Saltonstall Building must pay the excess utility charge prior to installing an air conditioner.
Tenant Notice: Air-Conditioner Seasonal Installation, Removal and Fees 2021

Move Out Procedures

Resident Handbook:  Coming soon!