Recertification and Income Changes

Application for Continued Occupancy- Annual Recertification
Each year you will receive from the Authority an Application for Continued Occupancy (also referred to as Annual Recertification) to determine your continued eligibility for public housing, the size of your apartment, and your rent for the next year.  Each resident is required  to complete, and return to the Medford Housing Authority, by the date requested an Annual Continued Occupancy or Re-Certification Form.  Failure to return the form sent by the Medford Housing Authority, or to provide proper documentation as requested by the specified date could result in termination of your tenancy.  There may be other forms required by State or Federal regulations which will be part of the Continued Occupancy package.

Your income will be verified each year and your rent will be adjusted accordingly, pursuant to Federal/State rent regulations.  Residents must supply the MHA with accurate information about: family composition, age of family members, income and sources of income for all family members, assets, and related information necessary to determine continued eligibility, annual income, adjusted income and rent.

Each resident will be sent a recertification packet by mail with a checklist of required verification documents to be submitted upon completion.  

If necessary, you may also download the recertification packet and checklist below.

Federal Public Housing Recertification Packet
State Public Housing Recertification Packet
Sample Recertification Checklist

Additional Forms:
How Your Rent is Determined
HUD Fraud Notice
Income and Household Composition Changes

Family circumstances may change during the period between annual reexaminations and the MHA may conduct interim reexaminations to account for any changes in household composition or income.

Residents are required to report all increases in income, including new employment, within 10 business days of the date the change takes effect.

Residents must report all changes in family and household composition that occur between annual reexaminations. Changes in family or household composition may make it appropriate to consider transferring the family to comply with occupancy standards. 

(The recertification checklist above is a good resource to use as far as what documents are required to process any changes.)

Request to Add Household Member

Please contact your Property Managers to report any changes.