Family Self Sufficiency Program

The goal of the FSS program is to eliminate or decrease a family’s reliance on public assistance and increase their economic stability. All Housing Choice Voucher and Federal Public Housing recipients are invited to join.  The FSS program encourages participants to enter and remain in the workforce with a defined path toward self-sufficiency.  The FSS Coordinator promotes and facilitates access to community resources for education, childcare, training, financial assistance, and many other needs that arise for individuals.  FSS participants design a 5-year contract-based plan for themselves including achievable goals. As they work towards those goals and increase the family EARNED income, participants become eligible for a FSS escrow account that involves the MHA depositing monthly sums into an account during the 5-year contract period.  Family’s strive toward their individual goals, increase their earned income and ideally their credit score and upon completion of the program, the full escrow account balance is presented to the participant.

To learn more please contact Sandra Reiniger at 781-396-7200 X132 or email at