Frequently Asked Questions

Public Housing

What is Public Housing?
Low income, affordable housing for elderly/disabled individuals and families.
Who is eligible?
Eligibility is pursuant to income guidelines.  

Please refer to for the most recent income limits.
What do I do if I lose my unit key or my key badge?
Contact MHA Maintenance at 781-396-0924 and ask that a Work Order be created.
How do I pay my rent?
You may pay with a MHA issued rent coupon that must be mailed to the bank every month, or have  your account automatically debited.
How do I request a repair to my unit?
Contact MHA Maintenance at 781-396-0924 and ask that a Work Order be created.
Am I allowed to have a pet?
Yes, please see the MHA Pet Policy under the Policy section.
How many offers will I receive for a housing unit?
You will receive one (1) offer. 
What is the status of my application?
Please contact the Medford Housing Authority Tenant Selector Christine Cardello at
How do I update my application?
Please contact the Medford Housing Authority Tenant Selector at
How do I apply for Low Income Public Housing (LIPH)?
Federal PH: Contact the Medford Housing Authority at 781-396-7200 and request an application.

State PH: Apply on line at complete a CHAMP application.
How do I know if my family (if any) and I are eligible for public housing?
Please contact the Medford Housing Authority Tenant Selector at
Is there a waiting list for public housing?
What happens when my name comes to the top of the waiting list?
You will be notified via first class mail with a letter and forms that will need to be completed and returned to the Medford Housing  Authority Tenant Selector.
Can I pay my rent online?
The ability to pay your rent on line is not available.
How do I get something fixed in my apartment?
Contact the Maintenance Department at 781-396-0924 to generate a work order for the requested repair.
Do I need a parking permit for my car?
Each resident is issued a parking sticker.  The car must be registered to the tenant at their address.
Will my car get towed without a parking permit?
My car was towed. How do I find out where it is and who do I talk to about this?
The number for the tow company is on the Medford Housing Authority web site at
Do you supply air conditioners or do we?
The Medford Housing Authority does not supply air conditioners.  Residents may properly install an air conditioner in a room window where there is an additional egress.  Air conditioners may be installed from May 15 until September 30 at a cost of $75.00 each air conditioner. 
Can I paint my walls?
With prior approval by the Medford Housing Authority, with a licensed painter and approved Medford Housing Authority colors.
Can I use portable heaters to warm my apartment?
Portable heaters are prohibited to use as a heat source.
What do I have to do with my car after a snow storm?
Robo calls are sent out to each resident who has provided a telephone number as to when vehicles must be moved so plowing operations can be done.
When can a tenant move in?
Once the lease is signed the tenant can move in their belongings. There are restrictions for moving into Weldon Gardens, Saltonstall, Tempone Apartments during weekends and evenings.
Are there any selection preferences?
Federal Applicants: Veterans, Individuals who either live or work in Medford, involuntary displacement from a Medford residence due to government action, natural disaster, Board of Health condemnation from a Medford residence in the past 12 months.

State Applicants: Veterans, live or work in Medford, emergency, domestic violence, medical, government action, natural disaster, Board of Health condemnation, no fault loss of housing.
What number do I call for maintenance issues? (During Business Hours)
What number do I call for maintenance issues? (AFTER Business Hours)
Can maintenance help with an air conditioner installation?
Maintenance personnel cannot perform or help with air conditioner installation.
Who do I call if I have questions about services for tenants?
Contact the Director of Resident Services; or the Resident Opportunities and Self-Sufficiency (ROSS) Coordinator at 781-396-7200.

Section 8

Can owners raise the rent?
After the initial occupancy period, the owner may request a rent adjustment in accordance with the owner’s lease and only once per year.  The owner will be notified of the determination in writing. All rents adjustments will be effective the first of the month following 60 days after the PHA’s receipt of the owner’s request or on the date specified by the owner, whichever is later.
When will the owner receive the subsidy payments?
During the term of the HAP contract, and subject to the provisions of the HAP contract, the PHA must make monthly HAP payments to the owner on behalf of the family, at the beginning of each month. If a lease term begins after the first of the month, the HAP payment for the first month is prorated for a partial month.
Does section 8 provide security deposits?
No, The MHA does not provide security deposit assistance.
What is the tenancy addendum?
The Tenancy Addendum includes the HUD requirements for the tenancy. Because it is a part of the lease, the tenant shall have the right to enforce the Tenancy Addendum against the owner. If there is a conflict between the owner’s lease and the Tenancy Addendum, the terms of the Tenancy Addendum shall prevail over any other provisions of the lease.
What is the required lease term?
The PHA will not approve an initial lease term of less than one (1) year.
Can the owner obtain information about the family from MHA?
The PHA will not screen applicants for family behavior or suitability for tenancy. The PHA will not provide additional screening information to the owner.
What is the housing assistance payment (HAP) contract?
The HAP contract is a written agreement between the PHA and the owner of the dwelling unit. Under the HAP contract, the PHA agrees to make housing assistance payments to the owner on behalf of the family, and the owner agrees to comply with all program requirements as stated in the HAP contract. The HAP contract form is prescribed by HUD.
How does an owner find a Section 8 HCV Program participant to rent his or her unit?
Owners that wish to indicate their willingness to lease a unit to an eligible HCV
family are encouraged to list their available units in GoSection8. The PHA will
provide a listing of such owners (and other resources as available) and provide this
listing to the HCV family as part of the informational briefing packet.
What is an abatement?
If an owner fails to correct HQS deficiencies by the time specified by the PHA, HUD requires the PHA to abate housing assistance payments no later than the first of the month following the specified correction period (including any approved extension) [24 CFR 985.3(f)]. No retroactive payments will be made to the owner for the period of time the rent was abated. Owner rents are not abated as a result of HQS failures that are the family's responsibility.
What is a "request for tenancy approval (rfta)?"
The RTA contains important information about the rental unit selected by the family, including the unit address, number of bedrooms, structure type, year constructed, utilities included in the rent, and the requested beginning date of the lease, necessary for the PHA to determine whether to approve the assisted tenancy in this unit.
Are there any selection preferences?
The PHA preference is for  families who live or work in Medford.
When can a tenant move in?
Once the unit has been approved by the PHA.

Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS) Program

What is the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program?
The FSS program is available to all Medford Housing Authority HCV and federal PH participants seeking to increase their earned income and become independent of cash assistance.  The FSS Coordinator will assist the family through introducing them to supportive services offered by service providers throughout the community and establishing a five-year Individual Training and Service Plan that helps set specific goals to achieve self-sufficiency.
Are there any benefits or incentives of being a participant in the FSS Program?
YES!! The support of the FSS Coordinator provides beneficial encouragement and knowledge of the many programs and services offered in the community.  ALSO, when a family's earned income increases, the housing authority compares the family rent baseline to the new family rent and in most cases the housing authority will begin depositing funds into an escrow account for the family.
What is an escrow account?
An escrow account is a special savings account created specifically for FSS participants where deposits are made throughout the duration of the family's participation if and when a family's rent increases as a result of increased earned income of the FSS family. Upon successfully completing all requirements and graduating from the program, you will have a check issued to you in the amount you have escrowed since you began the program plus accrued interest. 
What happens to the escrow if I quit FSS or do not fulfill my obligations?
If you quit or do not complete the program, you forfeit the money that the housing authority has deposited in the account.
What are my obligations in order to graduate from the FSS program?
In order to graduate from the FSS program, a participant must be in good standing with the housing authority, complete all goals listed in the Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP), be suitably employed and be independent of welfare.
What is an Individual Training and Service Plan?
An Individual Training and Service Plan (ITSP)is a written plan created by the participant and the FSS Coordinator, listing the goals of the family,  services to be provided to the family, activities to be completed by the family and agreed upon completion dates.  The ITSP is meant to be fluid and flexible and will most likely change over the 5 year period of the contract.